Garden 2010 (so far)

So in the summer of 2010 I decided to go out on a limb and start a garden. Living in a small apartment with an even smaller balcony this required a little help with the lovely folks at Capitol District Community Gardens. For $20 and a little work, I was granted an approximately 15” x 15” plot in the Rensselaer Family Garden. It’s located in a quiet neighborhood with about 14 garden plots. It’s a nice, small, community of gardeners ranging from young inexperienced gardeners (like me!) to retired couples with time and experience to share.

The pictures are taken just about a month apart from May 12 – August 7th. Over Memorial Day weekend and beyond I planted peppers (bell, Italian, pablano), tomatoes, eggplant, lettuce, basil, cilantro, spaghetti squash, patty pan squash, sunflowers, gladiolas, and marigolds. It has been a learning experience for sure but I’ve loved almost every minute of it! Even better, the rewards are amazing and tasty!

So what my garden has made me a little weather obsessed? Seriously rain… why are you avoiding Albany? And so what if I’ve planted way too many tomatoes for someone who doesn’t even really like them (raw)? Hi friends, want some tomatoes? But the first year is just the beginning and I’ve already thought about things for next year. I hope to move up in the Rensselaer Family Garden world and get a  plot closer to the water source and with more sun. Because of this I won’t be able to plant any garlic this fall or start trying to improving my soil (aka sand box), but the good news is that it’s only August. If I can get my butt in gear I have plenty of time for some fall plantings (lettuce and beets, I’m looking at you). And well, if not I have plenty of harvesting left to do!


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Support a band, get cool stuff!

I was introduced to GRO through The Rock Boat. I’ve had the chance to see them on TRB IX, TRB X, VH1 Best Cruise Ever, and in Albany when they opened for Kate Voegele. They are a bunch of sweethearts from Texas who recently split from their record label in order to make their music, their way. That must be scary as hell and something I can totally respect, even better I think they’ll be just fine. Just over 24 hours in, and they are almost 1/2 way there. Don’t worry, you aren’t giving something for nothing. With your donation you’ll be able to get a copy of their soon to be released EP, a t-shirt, postcards from the road, personal phone calls or even a day in Disney with the band, for the right price of course. Whether you donate or not, at least check out this band.

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Even or Odd?

So since blogging tends to reveal a little about the author I figured I’d pick a blog title that represents me.

I can be indecisive at best.  When it comes to making a (minor) decision some people flip a coin, play rock paper scissors, or pick a piece of paper out of a hat. My go to decision making process… even or odd? I’ll formulate the conditions in my head then glance at the nearest digital clock to see if the time ends in an even or odd number. For example when getting ready in the morning and deciding what to wear, even could equal a black shirt and odd could equal a blue shirt. I’ll glance at the clock and if the time is 7:32, black shirt it is. Ta da, decision made. Weird, I know, but works for me.

Feel free to use it next time you can’t make a call. Do you have any similar decision making quirks?

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